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our marketplace & boutıque café

We are happy to welcome everyone to our Organic Marketplace and Boutique Café. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of organic and natural foods available. We will do this by supporting local organic gardeners, farmers and ranchers whenever possible. O-LIVE is a family owned Organic Marketplace & Boutique Café that specializes in organic, GMO free, comfort foods, gluten free options, vegetarian/vegan options, juice & smoothie bar, healthy Snacks on the go and more…


Located on the second floor of our building is OO’s Craft Brewing, a sister company to O-LIVE. OO's Craft Brewing Co. brews its own variety of craft beers. There are 6 taps available year around and can be served with beer friendly and healthy finger foods.

For more details check out www.ooscraftbrewing.co

O-LIVE Marketplace  & Boutique Café is the place to go to get healthy and organic food. We are open 6 days of the week. Our fresh days are Monday and Thursday. Here the environment and health combined with tasty food comes in focus. Most of our fresh vegetables and fruits are produced in local organic farms and some products, like our sister company OO's Craft Brewing's 6 different kinds of craft beers.

There are also natural beauty products, juices, crisps, nuts, jams, oils, products for babies, dairy foods, organic chicken and eggs, cleaning products etc. O-LIVE is just not a shop but also a coffee place where you can have a taste of delicious organic coffee, beer or wine along with our healthy snacks.

Shopping at O-Live is an experience so there is no need to rush. You can sit in or outside and chill along with freshly roasted organic coffee or a glass of wine and cheese platter or canapés and perhaps some OO's craft beers? If you are looking for healthy organic and natural goods and you fancy happy hour, you should stop by our shop.

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