O-LIVE is a family owned and operated team that has been in business since 7th of July 2017. At the very first beginning we started with only 4 persons and this number growed up year by year and we all become like a big family. Nowadays we call each other as "Olivians". So many beautiful people come and go throughout out the years (we are almost 4 years old). We would like to honor them by introducing this precious family members here and appreciated their inputs for the O-LIVE. 


We are dedicated to providing our customers an experience of being part of a family and not just a store to buy your groceries from or enjoy drinking and chilling at the cafe side. We believe in old fashioned, personalized service to ensure your needs are met but also we would like you to feel welcomed and enjoy your entire shopping and chilling at our boutique cafe experience.

Orcun Cananoğlu

Founder & Owner

Even though his background is  advertising, he always wanted to be part of Food and Beverage sector. After a tiring, long but fun journey, he is passionately doing what makes him happier now. Of course he couldn't have done it without his family and  friends support.

Our first O-LIVE Family seeds from the very first beginning.

Sevgi Terün

We met this sweet and humble personality on second week of working days at O-LIVE. She is our smiley face & ambitious personality in the house :) Now she is in and out just having her last year at the university of Notthingham.

Customer Service Assistant

Kevın Gowme

He was there since the beginning of the very first scratch. He automatically became such a character and well known face of O-LIVE. very talented and hard worker. Currently doing master at the university and working here part time.

Customer Service Assistant

Görkem Bahriyeli

He is the youngest black sheep of the family members, but wise enough to invest himself. Vegan fella with lots of knowledge, learning new things, using his talent on our delicious canepés and cheese platters lately. He studied fashion design and surly he will be a famous one day!   

Customer Service

Our current O-LIVE family members

Rabia Aydın

Offline/Online Inventory Clerk

She probably knows every single customer by heart, this hard worker climbing for day manager

Tahsin İzzet Mertekçi

Part - Time Customer Service

Started as trainee. This football player is one of the oldest block remaining part time in the family,  

Aleyna Maiko

Part - Time Customer Service

She is also one of the old gals that still being in the family, Very talented in the kitchen as well.

Bahar Taraveya

Part - Time Customer Service

She is also known as Chun-Li loves to dress up very fancy, no matter conditions is, name has it.

Eric Tawanda Fwero

Part - Time Customer Service

He is the Maintainer & famous Brew-Bike guy that has been serving an early morning coffee.

Su Koruk

Part - Time Customer Service

She is the all time positive vibe so far our family has ever seen, this bright USA gal  hugs you on sight

Sayra Lefkonuklu

Part - Time Inventory Clerk

Despite of being an old members he made a great come back like a boxer and proved himself! 

Tunç Yükler

Night Manager

From being a dieheart O-LIVE fan to becoming a part of the family. Now cooperating with the team.