Ogun has been a brewer for 4 years. So the hospitality background met up with the brewing to create a marvelous experience for craft beer customers. After almost 5 years of brewing  Ogün and his brother Orçun decided to bring this amazing craft beer passion to Cyprus by launching it on the 2nd floor of O-LIVE, its sister company. OO's is offering a delicious selection of handcrafted beers. Ranging from insanely hoppy IPA's, rich creamy stouts, vanilla porters, tangy wits, Belgian ales, well balanced lagers to seasonals with plenty of character and bite. 

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OO's Craft Beer Styles

At OO’s we are passionate about brewing ales and lagers that we have personally tasted on our travels and have made them our own. We believe in quality beer, that is expertly made, using the best ingredients. A simple combination. We don't limit ourselves to brewing a certain style of ale. We brew what we like, in our own unique style, and then share the rewards with our customers.

OO`s Brewing Co. is an independent, family-owned brewery. Ogun has been the head brewer for OO`s Brewing Co., since June 2017. He’s originally from Cyprus but spent most of his beer drinking years in the eastern coast of USA enjoying the growing tastes of hoppy beer. Ogun has a degree in Tourism Management and spent more than a decade working in various positions in the Hospitality industry, in hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton, and the Marriott. 

Orçun and  Ogün  brothers standing infront of their design / product of Keezer.